Apartment living has its ups and downs. The ups include amenities like swimming pools, fitness centers and restaurants in walking distance. A big downer is street parking. Even if there's a parking lot for tenants, it's not the same as pulling into a garage. But don't worry! There are things you can do to protect your car against the outdoor elements.

  1. Wax Your Ride: You can protect your paint from harsh winter and summer weather by waxing your car regularly. This preserves your paint, preventing oxidation from occurring. There is also a cosmetic benefit! The clear coat can cover up minor scratches and other blemishes.
  2. Watch Where You Park: Before you put your car in park, look around, and up and down. Try to avoid parking under trees. Your car can get covered in pollen, leaves or worse yet debris. If a storm strikes, loose branches may fall onto your car. The wind may even uproot a tree, causing major damage to your vehicle. You also want to be mindful of parking on corners. Be sure that the street is wide enough for even inexperienced drivers to turn the corner without hitting the curb or your car. Also, avoid parking next to a bus stop or other areas where crowds convene. People may accidentally scrape your car with bags, umbrellas or other items, or lean against your car to rest.
  3. Buy a Sun Shade: This protective covering keeps sunlight out of your car, decreasing the chances of fading your interior. Additionally, sun shades cool your car.
  4. Cover Your Car: Invest in a grill or car cover, which can extend the life of your car. If your rental allows you to do so, consider putting up a carport to park under.
  5. Get Supplemental Insurance: If you lease a car, be sure to invest in lease-end protection, which can cover things like chipped paint and glass as well as scratches. You can safeguard your tires as well, in case you park in a construction zone and nails puncture your tires. Or, perhaps there are other hazards, such as potholes and debris on the roadway.

If you take good care of your car, you can navigate bad weather without a garage.


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